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Welcome to the RPSBS Ltd NSW Sub Committee Website


NEWCOMER 2014 APPLICATION FORM & Statutary Declaration FORM

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2013 Audited NSW Accounts  
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Show Schedule To be held at SIEC, November 1 to November 3rd, 2013...
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Results 2012 NSW Annual Riding Pony Show, held at SIEC 25th November 2012....
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From 1st September 2012 all NSW horse properties, where ONE OR MORE HORSES...
April 2014

  • Roseden Beyond Expectations Photo: Lorelle Mercer
    Roseden Beyond Expectations Photo: Lorelle MercerSydney Royal 2010 - Reserve Champion Led Stallion or Colt    Brisbane Royal 2010 - Champion Led ASPA Stallion/Colt - Champion Led RPSBS Stallion

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